Justin Lee

The almighty hall pass. Giving you permission to roam the halls.

Was it a paper slip in your school days? For me, it was a big wooden slab with the words “hall pass” written on it.

If you were handed a hall pass today, which hall of your life would you roam freely?



My microwave has a lot of buttons for specific types of food.


I’ve never used any of them.

So often when we build something, we think of what the user wants. But as my microwave suggests, maybe this is the wrong question to ask.

The question to ask instead.

What don’t users want?

Inspired by Nintendo’s Gunpei Yokoi’s philosophy.



A boy playing ball with his puppy on the beach.

With a camera in your hand, how will you frame the picture?

Frame it around the boy, the picture is about the boy.
Frame it around the puppy, the picture is about the puppy.
Leave the boy and puppy out, the photo becomes about the beach.

In a way, every moment in our life is a snapshot. We are the cameraman and we decide how to frame it.

How did you frame your shot today? Will you frame it differently tomorrow?



The Chinese character, human, is made up of two strokes. Here it is.

Two lines leaning into each other. Reminding us being human means to be supported by others. Reminding us being human means to support others. Reminding us being human means we are not alone.

Who are the people leaning on you?

Who are the people you’re leaning on?



Don’t fly too high. You might get burned by the sun.
Don’t fly too low. You might fall into the ocean.
Stay in the middle.
That’s the lesson Icarus left us.

Don’t choose the left.
Don’t choose the right.
Choose the middle.
That is the teaching Buddha gave us.

Not too high. Not too low. Not too right. Not too left.

The wisdom of the Greeks and the teachings of Buddha intersects. At the crossing we find a lesson. One that is about the importance of balance.

What does balance look like for you?